Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Pictures of Sadie's kid

As promised. I told you he was a cute lil' bugger! :) His name is Aiden. If you click the pictures, they get a lot bigger in a new window.


Anonymous said...

something that just popped out at me from these pictures is the bruise on his forhead (totally self inflicted by the way), and sol. do you remember tall skinny, gay as a fruit cake sol? he used to call me gorbachev because of the birthmark on my forehead, and would always ask if he could draw toes on it to make it look like a footprint.

wild memories.

-sadie the red

Ryan McGinnis said...

Ha! I wish I could find a picture of Sol. I remember the first time he brought his boyfriend to a party and expected us to be all shocked and surprised, and everyone was kinda like "Duhhhhhhhh!" ;)