Monday, May 22, 2006


Here are a whole slew of photos from Ye Olde Nerdfest -- also known as the "James Arthur Annual Renaissance Festival". Yes, nothing like sampling crappy wine (with maybe the exception of Nebraska White), knawing on a giant turkey leg, then trying your greasy hand at archery. (Who's the genius who put drinking and archery together, anyway?!) Click to enlarge.

A quick negative abstract of barbed wire that surrounded some of the vines.

Haha! I jump into Lanette's shot!

I believe that this was the "Wench Walk", though I'm not sure. Basically it was a giant belly dance by women of all shapes, ages, and sizes. This lady seemed to be an old pro.

Of course, there was falconry, too. This bird (a red-tailed hawk) was huge! Apparently it likes to eat rabbits.

Now for like the past two months, Josh has nothin' but whine about my sweet sweet 10-22 superwide lense. He says it distorts people way too much -- anything at the edge of the frame gets strectched horizontally, sometimes with comical results. The only response to such criticism is to make sure that I take lots of photos of him with this distorting lens. ;)

One of Josh's journalism-class friends from UNL. She's playfully doing the "Ah know mah rights! You can't take mah pitchuh!" schtick.

Holy crap, it's Gandalf!

These two guys were jugglin' fools. One of them would dance in the background and play a violin; the other would juggle dangerous things and tell corny stories. Their act was a little rusty, but they were pretty darn talented.

Near the end of the act, one of the jugglers picked Rob (Lanette's husband) out of the crowd to help out with the burning torches. Rob's a chef; as the italians would say, he's a' no' a'scared of the flambé.

Me n' Josh pause to chow on the better half of what appeared to be a former-kickboxer turkey while Lanette shows off her handiwork to Rob.

Josh tries his hand at archery -- he stuck the troll in the throat. :)

Lanette took a couple shots, too. I won't tell you where on the troll her arrows landed; it's too painful to put into words!

A couple parting shots of the red-tailed falcon. We had a pretty awesome time; I'll probably do it again next year, if I'm still in Lincoln. I'll post Lanette's shots and a link to Josh's shots once I get 'em.

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