Saturday, December 30, 2006

The rest of 'em

I'm mostly posting these to share with friends, but you're welcome to get a kick outta them too if you're just passing by. As you can see, we mostly just focused on portraits of each other.

So! Here's the rest of our little photo excursion. We started out in the Haymarket near the old train in the rain, broke for Chinese, then headed out to "Wilderness Trail", which seemed aptly named. Good times had by all, as you can see. :) Click any photo to enlarge.

I'm actually like 3 inches from Josh when I shot this.

Okay, sorry, I couldn't resist. :)



The above shot of me is taken by Mr. Fiddler himself. Don't I look respectable?

There's Josh, always makin' people smile with his pics!

Josh is going to use this as his ID picture for his street credentials.

Thanks, Mister Random Guy Walking in the Background! You totally made the picture!

Now Josh says he's NOT going to cut his hair until he moves from Vermont. Possible problem: his wife has 2 1/2 years of Law School left!

Grrrrr... Lanette SMASH!

For the record, Lanette is only the second person I've ever driven with that's scared me.

Josh does the happydance!


Anonymous said...

These are hilarious! Thanks! I want a CD!!


Anonymous said...

I like Josh's new 'do. :-)

Ryan McGinnis said...

Elsa, are you reading this? ;) If I had a nickel for every time Elsa nearly killed me while driving around in Lincoln, I'd have enough for at least a load of laundry...

She's probably way better now, as she's been cutting her teeth on the streets of Seoul for the past few years now.

Anonymous said...

Hey Ryan, thanks for the ice storm pics. I live in western NE and my daughter lives there. Keep up the good photography.

Ryan McGinnis said...

Hi! Thanks! Just a heads up, though -- all those awesome photos of the ice storm you saw are not shot by me, rather by a guy named "Mike Hollingshead". You can find all his stuff at :) I suspect that someone misattributed them, as this is the second comment I've received that mentions me having shot those photos.

Anonymous said...

Just scanning your site for the 1st time. I like these pics. The woman with the glasses is so sexy! Let her know.


fletch said...

Hey Ryan cool pic's that one with the grass with the ice is awesome.