Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Another shrine HDR

The last couple of shrine photos were rather well received, so here's another HDR shot as the sun went down. It's a bit warmer (light color wise) now, as the sun is a bit lower. This is looking north. If you look reeeal close, you can see Lanette snapping away in the background. :) Click to enlarge to 1280px.

Part of me wishes I could get access to photograph this place after dark. The north-facing glass would make for an incredibly interesting rotating star-trail above the beams, and the cars on I-80 would create an interesting glow.


Anonymous said...

Hi, in an October post (i believe the HDR tutorial) you mentioned wanting to post another tutorial in the near future about color correction of digital photos. I've not yet seen this tutorial posted, but i would be absolutely interested in learning your techniques. Love your images!

Unknown said...

That's a downright beautiful structure. Do they ever have a problem with winds or storms taking out any of the glass?

Ryan McGinnis said...

Well, from what I read, when they first built the thing, they used all wood beams for structural support. The day after it was built, a windstorm came through and blew the whole thing down. The next time, they built it using reinforced steel for structural support, overlaid with wood. It's stood up so far, but I don't know how fun it'd be to try to ride out a big storm in that thing. Probably fun, but with constant fear of death. :)