Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Westminster Abby at Night

Today's photo is of Westminster Abby. Below it is a perspective corrected version -- the originals of both are quite huge (HUUUUUGE, as Tiny Elvis would say), as they were stitched together from around 20 photos. Unfortunately, I apparently bumped the tripod on one of those photos, so you basically end up with a photo where almost all of it is tack sharp when blown up to the size of a movie screen, but one little section of it is fuzzy. *sigh* Click to enlarge.


Michael said...

You and I went to enough different places over there that I keep coming back to check your latest posts. But we visited enough of the same places for me to see the differences between the way we each chose to take the photo. It's weird that we were over there so close to the same time. Here's my daytime version of Westminster:


I did Notre Dame at night, which ended up pretty cool. What a place. Can't wait to go back.

Silverback said...

How did you do the correction, Ryan ?

Ryan McGinnis said...

To do the correction, I used Photoshop's lens correction filter. An alternate way to do this is to use the Free Transform tool. Both tools are only useful up to a point -- if you get too much distortion (i.e. you're too close to the building) then fixing the perspective digitally results in too much loss of resolution. I suppose the real way to tackle such a shot is with a tilt and shift lens - though that wouldn't have helped me here, with thw stitch job.

Silverback said...

Thanks for the speedy reply, Ryan.

You may have opened yourself up for more questions !