Monday, February 09, 2009

Near Lake Placid

A rainstorm rolls into Lake Placid, New York. This was shot this past October. Autumn in the northeast is quite dramatic! Click to enlarge.


Josh said...

Dramatic indeed!

Though not as dramatic as those beautiful midwest thunderstorms. Oh how I miss them, and can't wait to return!

Unknown said...

Hi =]
My name is Silvia and I wanted to ask you if I can use a picture of yours for make a drawing. I'm not a professional and it would be just for fun and training but, I'll like to ask your permission anyway.
I'll post it on d.a. and give you credits for the reference, of course.

Well, my e-mail is and my d.a. (if you wanna contact me over there, dunno what its the easier way for you) is

Thank you for your time.
I really love your photos... have a bunch of them in my computer... eheh...

(oh, and, you really don't have to approve this comment, is just the way I found to talk to you... hehe)