Tuesday, May 04, 2010


Hi there. I want to talk to you about ducts. Do your ducts seem old-fashioned, out of date? Central Services' new duct designs are now available in hundreds of different colours to suit your individual tastes. Hurry now while stocks last to your nearest Central Services showroom. Designer colours to suit your demanding tastes.


Anonymous said...

They look like conduits, which contain wire and cable, not ducts, which carry air.

But I love your photos. What about the storm chasing.

Ryan McGinnis said...

I know, but I couldn't resist the Brazil quote. :) Actually, they might be pipes; this was shot at a wine fermenting/bottling plant.

All my storm stuff is at http://bigstormpicture.blogspot.com . I separated it out because I found that the storm stuff had an audience of it's own that didn't necessarily intersect with everything else that I shoot.

Brent Walker said...

Thanks for the Brazil reference. Too few people have seen the movie.