Saturday, March 17, 2007


The Sandhills cranes are back in central Nebraska. I drove around a bit today to try to get an idea of just how long a lens I'm going to need to rent when I come down here to photograph them for real later this month. They're still rather timid out the fields, so I didn't get many good shots during the day. The sunsets around here, though, are always spectacular. :) I can't decide which shot I like more: #1 or #2. My sister says #1's the winner. What do you think? Click to enlarge.


Dooser said...


Birds add another dimension.

Anonymous said...

#1 is the winner simply by having the birds in it. #2 is a nice panorama, if you chopped off 25% (top and bottom equally).


Anonymous said...

I like the lower picture. Its split almost into perfect thirds with that cloud slicing right through the middle of the sky. Really well ballanced.

Chris Barrus said...

I like the bottom picture with the equal amounts of black on either side.

Both remind me a lot of the cover to Swervedriver's Raise album.

kheops said...

1st here ryan

too much black for my taste on the 2nd

like the birds as well :)

Bill said...

I like number 1. The birds just add a sense of mystery. I'm not sure what the mystery is...but its there.