Monday, June 23, 2008

Kearney Damage Photos 5-30-2008

Below are some damage photos from the May 30th tornado in Kearney, Nebraska. Tomorrow, I will post tornado damage photos from Aurora, Nebraska; the Aurora tornado was actually spawned by the same storm as the Kearney tornado.

Lumber driven through the side of a pickup truck in Kearney. These boards penetrated the cab and were stuck inside the driver's side seat cushion. Your car is not a good place to be in a tornado.

A car stacked atop a car atop a motorcycle in Kearney. Again, cars are not great places to take refuge in a tornado.

One of the many old growth trees felled by the winds in Kearney. This particular tree was at Harmon Park.

What's left of the Buffalo County Exposition Building atop a pickup truck in Kearney. This place was pretty much completely demolished.

Power was out to parts of Kearney for quite a long time; the storm toppled power lines all over town and wreaked havoc on the transformers and substations.

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