Saturday, June 28, 2008

NYC at nightfall

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This is a panorama I shot of New York City about a month ago (June 2). This was created with 20+ images stitched together with a program called autostitch. (If you've never tried this program and want to make panoramas, give it a shot -- there are none better out there, and autostitch is currently free!) The image you see here is actually a dramatically reduced version; the original is 25162x3830 (pixels). This is best viewed at full size. Click to enlarge.

I shot this from Jersey City, directly across from the former site of the World Trade Center. The shoot took so long that the light changed from the time I started shooting lower Manhattan to the time I got the camera panned to upper Manhattan, which caused a bit of a serendipitous color gradient effect.

So! Want to buy massively large prints or license it for commercial or editorial use? Behold! A place to do so.

New York is really starting to grow on me. :)

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Chris said...

Amazing shot Ryan!