Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Just for Gawker

Gawker has a nice writeup about the last pano I shot -- thanks, guys! They also suggested shooting the photo in a way that would make the buildings all have correct height in relation to each other. This is actually an interesting idea, and one that would be technically extremely difficult to pull off. It'd require a good deal of prethinking to avoid parallax. I'll file that one away for the future!

Anyhow, while I can't go back and shoot it on a boat at the moment, here's another pano for you midtown folk, this time big enough for your Apple Twindisplays. View it full. If you want to license this for commerical or editorial use, go hither. The full res version of this shot is 11861 pixels by 3675 pixels.

This was shot at dusk on June 2, 2008 from Jersey City.

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