Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Busted camping trip

This is one of those posts that'll probably only be an interesting read to friends & family. :)

A couple of weeks ago, Josh, Lydia, & I were going to go on a camping trip. We ended up aborting that idea after some jonesing jackass busted out the window of Josh's car and skipped off with Lydia's purse, but we did salvage the day by going on a photoshoot out in the wild and at James Arthur Vinyards. My digital camera is in the shop to help the tech repair one of my lenses, so I was stuck using my old EOS-3 & a 50mm for normal stuff and my mom's old OM-1 with a Vivitar 80-205 for the telephoto. Old school! :) Now, the thing is, when inspiration won't strike me or Josh, we resort to taking pictures of each other -- and that was definately the case for me this go around. So, here's a bunch of photos of Josh, his wife Lydia, and Lanette. I like the shot of Josh kissing his wife -- if that's not a sweet moment, I don't know what is! The feet are Lanette's, and the upside-down photo of Lanette is the result of me giving her the camera and asking her to use up the rest of the roll. :) Click any of the photos to enlarge them quite a bit in a new window.

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Anonymous said...

Great shots! I like the 3rd one of Josh and Lydia the best but the 4th one IS cute. As for the shots of me....I just want everyone to know that I don't normally go to a vineyard with dirty feet & lookin like a skank--it was SO DAMN HOT I didn't want to wear anything but a bikini! HAD I KNOWN we would end up THERE, I at least would've changed my clothes AND fixed my hair! Oh, and Josh, thanks for the bunny ears in my self-portrait pic! =) and lastly, wow, I didn't know I was so talented w/ a camera and a bottle of water. that's great. Nice job Ryan!!! =)