Monday, July 03, 2006

A poem that Google Desktop found on my computer

Apparently, I wrote this four years ago. I then inadvertently buried it on my computer, and Google Desktop found it for me today. Despite the fact that it was one of the poems that I wrote back when I wrote poems that were far too obscure and impossible to penetrate (read: way too pretentious and self-gratifying), it really amuses the hell out of me that Google is now mining interesting stuff from my own freakin' hard drive. Is there anything the Google nerds can't do? Anyway, I can't access my pictures right now, so I'll post this instead:

Running Away

In my dream you are running away

West, through the silos

of Nebraska,

where our fathers still crouch

in pressured holes.

You are running west and

Brian is there, waving

from Bridgeport lake, that carved edge

of dusk,

You lift through Rushmore.

The wind works on the dead men

with blank, powdered hands.

In my dream

You wave back.

At Crazy Horse, selling cigars,

At the blasting teams,

swinging their arcs in time.

You always land here

at the end of the world.

You trace the whorls

cut deep into rock, like


I lay my staff down.

Even here, the wild Jasmine

push up through shale,

and Daisies,

white as ghosts,

bend in long light.

The clouds over Valentine

Rise up on fighting legs.


Anonymous said...

Hmmm.... a lot of those places sound really familiar... I wonder why?


Anonymous said...

Well, brother, that is very confusing.

I hope you're proud of yourself.


Ryan McGinnis said...

Yeah, Josh -- you understand a lot of the imagery of that poem since most of it comes from our trip to carhenge & the badlands! :)