Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Nebraska Capitol Chandelier

I was doing some experiments today in the Nebraska State Capitol. Dunno how they'll turn out yet -- but while I was there I shot a few HDRs. This is looking up at the entrance chandelier. The tour guide came over and told me that the darn thing weighs 3,500 pounds. Made me want to finish shooting it quicker, I'll tell ya that! :) Click to enlarge.

By the way -- if you ever wanted to see a good example of the difference between HDR downsampling and normal photography (or, as some do, trying to make "HDRs" out of single RAW files/JPEGS), here's a good example of what's possible with HDR downsampling... you can actually see the freakin' filaments in the freakin' lightbulbs! :) 100% crop detail below:

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