Monday, October 16, 2006


Another of Raven from the shoot the other day. :) Click to enlarge.


Socrates said...

This is a great site, congratulations.

I love photography, however i am starting! I have a Sony DSC - F717, but i am not been able to find some wide lenses for it, can u help me please?
Is it possible to use another brand?

My email is

Thank u very much.

Ryan McGinnis said...

Hi! Your camera does not support interchangeable lenses. However, there is a wide-angle attachment you can buy to attach to your existing lens:


Anonymous said...

You over did the eyes. Hopefully you have them on a seperate layer and can bring them back a bit ( a good bit ).

Ryan McGinnis said...

Indeed they are in layers, but I dig it the way it is. It'll look pretty natural when it prints, which is the final medium I'm aiming for.

Socrates said...

The one i found is VCL -HGDO758 is it the same?

Can´t i use other brands?