Sunday, May 20, 2007

HDR shots from around

These are the last 3 HDR shots from my little photo jaunt with Josh and Lanette. The church is near Wahoo, Nebraska, and the courthouse is the official Wahoo courthouse. :) The photo of Josh is from Holmes lake; props to him for holding very, very still as I cycled through the stops. The courthouse and the church were all assembled in Photoshop from around 10 photos, 1EV brackets, tripoded and cable released. The shot of Josh was taken from 6 photos, 1EV brackets, tripoded and cable released. Click to enlarge.


Anonymous said...


Excellent tutorial on HDR, and this page really shows off what you can do with the technology. I have just recently learned about this and can't wait to try it out (guess that expensive Photoshop CS2 purchase might come in handy once again).

I have a Canon 30D, tripod, and shutter release cable. I currently have been combining 2 images using masks in Photoshop, which of course requires the camera to not move at all. However, I find it tricky to adjust my shutter speed and not move the camera, even for just 2 pictures. With taking 7-9 at various exposures, I would think that it would be nearly impossible to not move the camera just a slight bit when turning the wheel to adjust the shutter speed? Maybe I need a stronger tripod (mine is a bit lightweight, so I can carry it backbacking)? Any techniques you use to prevent slight camera move when taking so many pictures of the same shots?

Thanks again,

Anonymous said...

Which cable release do you use?