Friday, April 16, 2010

Redwoods: They are Tall

Shot this on a recent trip to Muir Wood. Old growth Redwood forests are:

A: Really, really dark (the canopy soaks up a great deal of the light, even on a sunny day)

B: Unbelievably tall. Seriously, until you've seen them for yourselves, it's hard to imagine. When you see something taller than a football field is long that's also older than Julius Ceaser, it blows your mind.

Even the above photo doesn't really do it justice -- though the wide angle can pull them all in, you don't get the sense of scale. The only photo of redwoods I've ever seen that captured their size was a huge National Geographic foldout spread, in which the photographer shot a panorama of the tree by winching the cameras up on a pulley system and taking photos the whole way up.

Click to enlarge.

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Matthew Granz said...

I've been hiking Mount Tam since I was five. Those redwoods speak to the soul and are as centering as the ocean beaches.

Glad you could hike through Muir Woods. I take my out of town friends there all the time. The ones who can hike get a different view of the mountain.