Sunday, April 11, 2010

Which do you like more?

Both of these images were edited with Photoshop CS5. Which do you like more? Click either to enlarge.



The photos are of the Leland Stanford mansion in Sacramento, California. While I'm not allowed to explain exactly how this image was made, they are composed of 17 images each.


Laurent said...

the warm one is the more appealing to me. the focus is more on the mansion as the lights of the office building in the background don't pop out as much.

Anonymous said...

I like the second one. It has a lush quality to it that seems to include the whole landscape of the picture.
Sort of reminds me of summer nights in Detroit.



Matthew Granz said...

The cooler toned one on the bottom is my personal preference… but that's all it really is Ryan, just one man's opinion. When I shoot night photography (which I do a substantial amount of) and later open the raw file in ACR, I like to remove as much sodium vapor influence as possible. With night shooting, I tend to try and remember what I'm seeing as I shoot so as to reproduce it as best as I can in post. I love these new sensors in our cameras nowadays!

dondequasie said...


Unknown said...

I'm liking the 2nd one since it's more natural.. :)