Saturday, April 01, 2006

CPSWS 2006

Just got back from the Central Plains Severe Weather Symposium. Met up with Darren Addy & Mike Peregrine; Mike, who's a very experienced chaser, was giving a talk on recent chases (including one in western MO that nearly did him in two days ago). Got to see the radiosonde launch (see pics, which get bigger when you click them) and shoot the breeze over lunch. Mike was having some good success with his photos -- I think that if I can build a big enough library of photos, I might buy a table next year. Good times!

Getting the weather balloon ready to go.


Up, up, and away! (The radio at the bottom of the balloon almost hit a kid in the head as this thing went skyward! :))

Mike giving the talk on chasing. At one point, Mike had a bit of technical difficulty (something that seems fairly common with the setup that's used at this event each year), and Darren started shouting Macintosh troublueshooting tips from the back. Keep in mind there were probably 200 people in the audience!

Mike at left, Darren at center, all the good photos in the middle. Keep in mind that this lens stretches and distorts the heck out of everything at the frame's edge. Lots of other chaser were MIA -- Tim Vasquez, Nick Grillo, Darin Brunin, etc. Tables rented but nowhere to be found -- they probably skipped school for a daytrip down to Kansas. ;)

A kid checks out the "tornado machine". If only it were that easy, kid!

Fun times!


Darren said...

No pictures of the Krispy-Kreme-sized onion rings at Lazlo's?
: )

Good times, man. Good times!

Damon Scott Hynes said...

I was there, too. Didn't stay long because of family issues/wanting to take train photos along US-6/wanting to chase vicariously via !

I got my picture of Elizabeth Merriman from Channel I'm happy!

Muse said...

so you do know my bro ;-)