Wednesday, April 05, 2006


Right now I'm eyeballing NE Nebraska and NW Iowa. Both the 250mb and 500mb jets exit here, with a ton of diffluence. Tds in the 60s all the way up to Sioux City, if the 0Z NAM is to believed. However, the dryline doesn't look too shabby further south -- I need to see the Tds tomorrow and how far north they made it before I know where I'll go. I'm going to be irked if I drive all the way up to Sioux City and watch a tornado roll by Lincoln! :)

Here's hoping that nobody gets hurt or killed tomorrow, be it chaser or resident of the plains. It's going to be a whopper of a day, I think, in Nebraska, Iowa, Missouri, and maybe Kansas.

*edit* I may be misreading the 0Z charts -- it seems that everyone on Stormtrack disagrees with what I'm seeing. Off to study it more.

*edit again* Okay, I'm going to stop using Earl Barker's maps to try to find fronts. Too cluttered. COD's maps show the warm front & triple point settled around SE NE at 12Z, then lifting northeast a bit by 18Z. If that turns out to be the case then, um, I'm probably not going to have to go far tomorrow -- maybe just get out of the city so I don't get caught in traffic when the show starts. I like the wf way more than the dryline now.

I am going to pull my HAIR out if I end up in NW Missouri tomorrow. :)


josh said...

To Missouri we go!

Anonymous said...

hey awesome pictures of that storm. amazing.