Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Thursday (again!)

It looks like Thursday is shaping up to another chaseable day. NAM progs a 885mb low smack dab over northcentral Nebraska at 18Z this Thursday, with most of eastern Nerbaska in the warm sector with a dryline punching through by 0Z. Tds near 60, though it seems a more than little shallow according to the latest NAM.

Check out the 500mb winds -- 60kts! Greeeat. (But at least this time we have some good directional shear. If the models pan out, of course.) As someone on Storm Track put it, "chasers will need to attach their chasemobile rocket boosters that were used in previous chases this year". Bunkers is showing a good 40+ knots storm motion. I'd complain but it's only April, and by most rights I shouldn't be seeing these kinds of storms up here yet. So you take what you can get.


Anonymous said...

You chasing it?


Ryan McGinnis said...

Heck yeah!!