Saturday, January 06, 2007


Just a heads up for those of you swimming over here from the ice storm photos over at Mike Hollinghead's "" -- I'm not the guy who shot those photos. :) That seems pretty obvious to me, but I've already had a few folks congratulating me for the great ice storm shots. I *wish* I could take credit for the amazing stuff Mike found on his journey into Central Nebraska, but alas, by the time I got a chance to roadtrip out there, most all of it had melted.

Anyhow -- one can certainly say that the plains are a highly dynamic place to live. Grid-wrecking ice storms in the winter, supercells in the summer. And all of it quite beautiful. :)


Anonymous said...

thanks for the pics., i am at home trying to comprehend what my husband has been doing for the past 6 days {he is on OPPD lineman} he calls every night after 16 hr. of work to let the girls and i know he is safe and he loves us. he packed for a week of work but has told us he will be home in 2-3 weeks. viewing these pics i can see why i hear exaustion in his voice when he says good night and also understand why he sounds so excited when he says "we got three farmes hooked up today"

bethvavra said...

Whoever did take the pictures did an AWESOME job. We live about 100 miles from Kearney and luckily didn't experience any of this storm. Our thoughts and prayers are with those that did.

Anonymous said...

One of my best friends lives in Holdredge, NE. She says they have been without power for over a week. She is staying with family elsewhere waiting for the electricity to come on & stay on. Her husband says it was on for a while this weekend.
A cousin lives in western KS and has been without power for a week. They live on the farm & have been running generators. It's costing them $100 a day.
Great pictures. Devastating ice.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the pictures. I'm from Kearney but live in Texas - my mother is still there west between Kearney and Odessa and has been without power for a week and a half and will continue to be for a while. This puts our conversations in perspective. The pictures are devistatingly awesome!! Great job and thanks.