Sunday, November 02, 2008

A few pics from the June 11th storm chase

Here are a few pics I forgot about from the June 11th storm chase. This was a squall line with a bunch of embedded supercells -- one of the embedded cells (about 20 miles north of this one) ended up killing several Boy Scouts at a camp in Iowa.

I've now increased the size of the photos that you see when you click the thumbnails to 950 pixels, reflecting the fact that most people now have at least 1024x768 px monitors. Click any photo to enlarge.

The squall line approaches. Looking west from near Valley, Nebraska.

Another storm chaser shooting video from a bridge near Valley, Nebraska. This is looking south at a lowering wall cloud that approached a bit more rapidly than I'd expected; I ended up bolting east towards Omaha. Big mistake; got stuck in on the Interstates in a metro area. Ended up crossing over into Iowa, as getting back west was hopeless. I should have gone a bit north I think.

The outflow above just ahead of the squall. This is just after sunset, in Iowa. It looks spooky, but the business end of the storm was actually to the west of what's above. This system had reported tornadoes well into the night. I ended up stuck at a Subway in rural Iowa, waiting for the squall to push through; there were too many embedded supercells and too many constant tornado warnings to punch through it back into Nebraska with the limited visibility provided at night.

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Great shots Ryan!