Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Winter Shots

Here are some more shots from last Winter's photoshoot in rural Nebraska with Josh and Lanette. Click any below to enlarge to 950px (or larger, for the pano).

This is a panorama stitched together from 8 or 9 photos. I love all the barns in Nebraska.

I also tend to have an affinity for haybales. They seem like such an enigma, out in the middle of nowhere.

Here Josh shoots Lanette apparently trying to hitchhike a train. Holy crap was it COLD that day; I ended up running back into the car screaming like a little girl about my face, which had gone entirely numb. Five degrees Fahrenheit plus a 30 mph wind do not make for a friendly photo-excursion day.

Josh noticed this shot as he was driving by. I stole it from him. MUHAHAHAHAHAHA


Pirut said...

hi sir.. add u at my blogroll.. :)

MJ said...

I LOL re you screaming like a girl...
Love the haybayles and windmill. :)