Sunday, November 16, 2008


Today's photos are of pelican-looking birds on a recent photo safari in Nebraska. What are these things? If you know, leave a comment -- I've Googled, but to no avail. Click any photo to enlarge.


Sean Phillips said...

These are American White Pelicans.

They migrate every fall from the Northern Canadian prairies down through the middle American states to the tropics in the fall, and then go back up North in the spring.

Ryan McGinnis said...

Thanks! :)

Cookie said...

we get thousands of them in Central Illinois. i live on the river and it's amazing to see a flock of 50-70 take off at one time just skimming over the Illinois River. i've read they exist around here now because their migratory route got messed up with the 1993 Mississippi flood that also impacted the Illinois. normally they wouldn't come up the Illinois, but all that water confused them and altered their route. so they migrate and "vacation" here until it's get colder and they move further South. we live on the river and they hang out around the islands across from our house. pretty amazing to see!