Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Church... somewhere... in England

Today's photo is of a church somewhere in England. Which? I dunno! It's true that all the cathedrals become a blur after a while. I should have keep better track of what pictures were of what. :) I'm confident that one day I'll be able to sort all of these places out. It could only be in Bath, Canterbury, or London -- I didn't hit any other British places. Click to enlarge.

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Ryan McGinnis said...

Thanks, Susan! It drives me nuts when I can't remember where a photo was taken. :) You're right about the photo vacation -- I think I could make a nice coffee table book out of the cathedrals of England, assuming the cathedrals don't have some weird copyright thing going on. (I know in Italy, for example, all the old masters' work must be licenced before being used for any sort of profit-making product.)