Monday, May 15, 2006


I've been plowing sloooowly through scanning all of my negatives. It's mostly a big chore (at my current pace, it will be at least half a year before I'm through), but every now and then I come across fun nostalgic nuggets like these:

These were all taken a good four years ago. The Addys were doing their family portrait (using a medium format camera that I'm still a bit jealous of), and I was tagging along to try out the roll of infrared film I'd bought off of B&H. My EOS-3 wouldn't do infrared (long story; it's a design flaw) so I had to do it with my parent's old OM-1 and a 50mm lens w/ a red filter. It blows my mind how young Riv & Rav look in these photos -- life blows by waaay too fast.

All of these get much bigger if you click 'em. :)

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