Saturday, May 20, 2006

Union Station

Today's photo of the day comes from Union Station in Kansas City, the second largest train station in America (next to Grand Central in New York.) Unlike Grand Central, it's a fairly quiet place. But it has great interior architecture. And mad props to the guy you waxes the floor -- there's someone who takes pride in his work!


Anonymous said...

the thing i love about union station, is that when you look down that long coridor (i'm thinking where you took the shot actually) you can see the dip marks where the benches used to be, where years and years peoples' feet would swing. it's like looking back to the past, ghost world almost.

and the ceiling? spectacular.


niagaragirl said...

Nice image, I love train stations. I will have to put this one on a list of places to visit.

One of my favorite places to hang is Union Station in DC. I just love it there.