Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Coffee Time

Josh invited me over today to help him with some crazy idea he had to photograph a coffee cup. I was supposed to bring the cup which, of course, I forgot, but he'd already anticipated me forgetting and bought one at Walmart. :) His shot ended up being way cooler than the ones that I took below, but mine aren't too terrible given that I've never tried to run a multiple lighting setup. Also, I used my new el cheapo 50mm /1.8 lens to see how crisp it could get. These were taken at around f/6. Clickity-clack for a bigger photo in a new window.

The above is a 100% crop of the third photo (which is already cropped in some from the original). Verrry sharp. You can even see the tiny chaotic vorticies on the rim of the impact crater. Best $70 lens I ever bought!

Funny how little things and big things look so similar.

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Anonymous said...

I like the lighting on your picture better... you can see the black cup with the black background, whereas mine is much darker with some highlights separating the cup from the background. Hmm, confusing sentence, but makes sense to me!