Monday, February 13, 2006

Some more photos from Lanette

Lanette gave me a CD the other day full of the photos she took on our last big photo-excursion. As I said before, it's pretty darn cool stuff, especially considering she'd never tried taking artistic photos before!

Shadows in a stairwell

She took this photo (and the next) of Josh through an opaque window. This photo is hilarious to me, as we were all basically taking photos of each other. The second to last photo here is me taking a picture of her taking a picture of Josh taking a picture of her!

And of course she got a picture of me taking a picture, too. ;)

She has this crazy thing with feet. :) Her theory is that everyone points their camera up, so why not point it down?

Fun times! We're all going on another photo excursion this Wednesday, so hopefully we'll have another batch of photos to show off.

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