Thursday, March 02, 2006


Josh called today and told me to bring over some stuff that I wanted to shoot. I brought this old WW I compass, which has a tremendous amount of sentimental value to me. He was doing this cool stuff with his macro lens where he'd put drops of water on a pane of glass and then place an object under it -- this would cause the object to reflect in each of the droplets. When it came to be my turn, while I was setting stuff up, he decided to mess around by trying to blind me with my flash. ;) However, this caused some really cool shadows to form off of my hand, which gave me the idea for this photo. This was shot at ISO 200 at f8 on 17-35mm 2.8-4.0 Tamron lens zoomed in to 35mm. The light source was a radio-controlled 550EX flash set up at ground level. Click to open it larger in a new window.

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