Thursday, March 09, 2006

Just got back

I just got back from shooting the cranes. I have a bajillion pictures to go through, but as you can see, I had a great time. (Click for a much larger version in a new window.)


Anonymous said...

Whoa, your sun looks whimsical!

I love the crane flying, great detail.

I have a picture EXACTLY like your first one... same colors, crop, and with that lone crane out by himself. How funny!

What a great time!

-- JF

storm300 said...

Great crane shots Ryan! I have fallen in love with the cranes ever since my first shoot of them in New Mexico back in January. About 80% stop along the Platte... I think a large percent of the other 20% stop at Quivira NWR in Stafford County, KS. In fact, I'm heading out there tomorrow for another shoot. I might have some time in the next couple weeks to head up to the Platte for a shoot... we'll see. Nice to see another storm chaser interested in bird photography! -Mike U

Nancy J. Smith said...

I really looked on this site to see the snow storm but when I saw your pictures and that you were testing your new 90 day warranty i looked futher and then saw "cranes" and of course I had to click on it. Wonderful, I love the detail in the flying crane. I am just now getting into this and love nature photos. I feel I will be checking out your blog frequently.

Lantern Bearer said...

Beautiful pic of a Whooper. Our last crop of Whoopers that were escorted from Wisconsin to Florida are all now deceased. The resident Sandhills are still to be found in an ever shrinking habitat. The winter Sandhills will find themselves pinched further for space when they start to return in October. when your resident white pelicans leave, they will come my way. They push in ahead of the clippers that come out of Canada.

My Nebraska wife likes you pics.